A Southeastern Michigan institution.

After World War I, Melvin Charles Gutherie used his severance pay to buy a truck.  He found work in Detroit hauling lumber.  He asked the owners of a lumber yard he hauled for if he could purchase stock in the company - eventually he owned the company.  In 1925 Gutherie Lumber Co. was established (then known as Gutherie and Brand Lumber). For nearly 100 years Gutherie Lumber has always focused on serving professionals and industry.

Three generations later,
M.C. Gutherie Lumber Company considers itself a leader in the building materials industry. Our customers are the elite in their field - we are proud to serve them. Our employees are experienced and dedicated to truly providing the best service, price and products to our clients.

Delivery Area: Generally within 100 miles of Metro Detroit
Yard Hours: 7am - 5pm Weekdays
Closed Saturday and Sunday

Boom Trucks
Trucks with piggy back forklifts
Semi-Trucks (with dump beds and roller trailers)
46'+ Flat Bed Semis